The Resolution

It’s really funny how sometimes irony pops up unexpectedly in our lives–and then we’re left thinking, “Well, geez, I guess I set myself up for that one in some weird way.”

Have you ever wanted something–or thought you wanted something–and it doesn’t work out and you kind of put it out of your mind, but then suddenly it just clicks easily for someone else?  You’re left there kind of behind in the dust, asking, “Why didn’t that work for me?”  I think that’s hard to swallow, and this can be applied to career, love, life in general.  “I’m putting out all this effort, why wasn’t I good enough for job ____ or for person _____.  Why was so-and-so better than me and they didn’t even put in a quarter of the effort.”

I suppose there are two potential answers.

1.) You are not actually putting in the effort entirely required to achieve whatever it is you are looking for.

2.) The universe is telling you something.

As for #1, I think of a line actor Dermot Mulroney has in The Wedding Date, “Every woman has the exact love life she wants.”  And let’s step back here and imagine that this isn’t really just a quote about someone’s love life, but about life in general.  Within reason, we all have EXACTLY what we want; or rather, what we allow ourselves to have (which in a sense, is what we want because we are not allowing ourselves otherwise).  I say this WITHIN REASON because obviously there are outside factors for certain situations which inhibit us.  But think about it–you can’t just WISH to play the piano and then be able to play, you have to put in the time and the effort to do so.  So sometimes we need to reassess certain situations we initially shrink from because they are not in our favor.  We need to ask ourselves, “What am I going to learn from this so that I can influence the outcome of a similar situation in the future?”

As for #2, I do believe that the universe operates with some sort of underlying timing.  Imagine if chaos had some sort of rhythm to it–what if, and I’m going to be really radical here–what if chaos is actually just another name for a pattern or patterns that we do not yet recognize?  I’m going to be really ridiculous here and make another terrible pop culture reference–in 1984 a truck driver named Michael Larson went on the popular TV gameshow Press Your Luck.  In what appeared random to previous contestants, Larson saw order and as a result he beat the game.  He knew exactly how to game the gaming system itself and it created a huge uproar and scandal.  But the point is this–before him contestants saw the flashing lights on the board to be a completely random, chaotic sequence, but in reality it wasn’t.  What if things really do happen for a reason, even if nothing more than just to complete some larger pattern among the universe that we can’t fully comprehend?

2 thoughts on “The Resolution

  1. I absolutely agree with your reflections on life here – on both #1 and #2 in the list. I agree with you totally on your paragraph with #1, esp. the part about WITHIN REASON, and how outside factors can play a part. I agree with you, too on #2, but I place it from God’s order instead of the universe order.

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