Scenes from a Home

One of my favorite hobbies is interior decorating.  My dream house would definitely be a beach cottage somewhere with a mixture of coastal vintage, shabby chic, bohemian, and chinoiserie.  Of course, that’s a long ways down the line.  The image shown above is of my kitchen table.  Yellow seems to be a common color that makes an appearance throughout my apartment, especially my living room.  If used correctly, I find it can be appropriate for any season.  For example with autumn, I have opted to highlight the brighter of the fall colors: yellow, orange, red, as opposed to brown.  I won’t lie; it was actually a bit accidental; the curtains in the apartment are unchangeable (I would have loved to have gotten different ones) so I had to work with what I was given.

I’ve been decorating for fall for a few weeks and below are two shots of the living room:

I love natural sunlight and so having many windows is an absolute must for me.

I use Bohemian accessories to create a relaxing atmosphere (especially after working 12+ hours).  A few of my favorite colors to use are purple, magenta, and fuschia.

I found this elephant wall tapestry at a boutique in one of the local department stores by chance.  I liked the color scheme and thought it would be a nice addition for a room.

I bought this Chinese antique at a bazaar held on the Naval Base.  Using jewelry as decorative adornments can add character and brighten up a piece.

Close up of the doors with Chinese carvings, accessorized by my favorite pair of earrings.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from a Home

  1. Thank you, I’ve definitely been working over the past year to collect some unique pieces. Hopefully if I get to travel more around the region I’ll have a bunch of nice things to go back to the US with for future decorating.

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