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Scenes From a Home


Balancing Aesthetic Goals and Well-Being

So KP Decided to Try a 12-Step Program…

What I Learned from Running a Marathon

Reflections Before a Marathon

Healing + Spirituality

The Rose that Grew from Concrete

Reflections from a Failure

Purgatory is Only Temporary

It is Well with My Soul

Finding a Higher Purpose

What I Learned from Running a Marathon

Human Rights

Revisiting the “F” Word

The Irony of Intolerant Tolerance


Ghosts of Kyoto

Just a Few Shots

Kamakura Again and Return to Shizuoka

Harajuku + Asakusa

Night Photography in Kamakura and Kurihama


Plum Blossom Festival + Ueno Park

Sankei-en Garden

The Things That Happen In-Between

This is Not My Story

Yokohama Bar and Restaurant Reviews + First Goukon!

Yokohama Chuukagai Chinatown


Leadership Challenges for Introverts

Love and Relationships

Why Into the Woods Matters

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities


It’s Not You, It’s Them.  Yes, It’s Definitely Them.

On Love

The Stranger’s Always You

Only Human


The Stranger’s Always You


Here, There, and Everywhere


New Jersey, My Love



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