Harajuku + Asakusa

Although it has been cold here, it was sunny all weekend, and so the perfect time to do a little sightseeing. To be quite honest, we’re running out of places to go in Kanagawa, so once work permits I think we’ll try and take some trips down to Western Japan.

Saturday I went up to Harajuku for a little shopping, but before that I made a stop at Meiji-Jingu. Built in 1915 to honor the Emperor Meiji and his wife, it is located in Yoyogi Park and is a pleasant break from the surrounding city.






Just as I was about to leave the main complex a wedding procession entered:


After leaving Meiji Jingu I headed into downtown Harajuku for some sightseeing and shopping. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Japan, Harajuku is a quite fashionable–yet highly eccentric–area in Tokyo. On Sundays (and I still have yet to go) many young men and women who are into the quirky fashions get together and hang out near the station, readily providing eager sightseers and onlookers photographs.





Today we headed up to Asakusa to visit Kappabashi-dori, aka “Kitchen Town.” It’s an area in Tokyo where one can buy restaurant items wholesale. From the famous plastic food items found in Japanese display cases to the hanging red lanterns outside ramen shops and izakaya, if it’s for the food business, chances are you can find it on Kappabashi-dori. All over Kappabashi-dori are images and figurines of Kappa, water nymphs of Japanese folklore. Kappa are creatures which can have natures ranging from innocently mischievous to outright cruel.



Famous plastic food found in display windows:

Taiyaki maker

All the ketchup and mustard bottles you could ever need!


With the Tokyo Skytree and Asahi Beer Hall behind me

Until next time!

On the Importance of Being Brow-nest

So last year one of the later New Year’s resolutions I made was to stop plucking/waxing my eyebrows. I’ve been a long-time sufferer of broworexia, not to mention my trichtillomania-esque tendencies during times of stress (okay, so not actually pulling out my hair with my own fingers or anything like that), and I wanted to finally put an end to it when I saw a picture of myself and I looked like an entirely different person! I looked so much older than I actually was–here is essentially what my brows looked like prior to when I stopped plucking:


My lovely friend S is there next to me, and although the above picture is NOT the one that finally pushed me over the brow-edge, it is clear that S looks much better with fuller brows than I do with the thin, shapeless lines above my eyes.

So I started looking online for brow advice, and I saw this picture of Adele from the 2012 Grammy Awards and absolutely fell in love with how fuller brows looked:


Lauren Conrad has a really good post on her blog: Beauty 101. Click the picture below to go to Lauren’s post:


To get fuller brows, you MUST resist the urge to over-pluck! This is hard in the first few months of eyebrows growing in because they tend to look awkward, but there are ways to disguise this with eyebrow pencils/eyeshadow/etc. I wanted SO, SO BADLY to pluck mine but I resisted and although it took about 5-6 months for the brows to really come in fuller, it was worth it. Currently I’m fairly sure I’m at full brow capacity; they’re still thin compared to some people’s, but like everything else, genetics DOES factor into brow shape/size:



So much better! Ladies don’t be afraid of the full brow–it is definitely a youth-enhancer! If you find you are having a hard time growing in your brows you can use some hair growth enhancement aids for thinning hair and just massage them into your brows. I did this almost every night for a few months and it definitely helped me grow in mine.

Happy brow-ing!