Hello, hello. It has been such a long time! I have been quite busy in the past few months, my adventures have spanned from the lovely seaside port of Busan to Newport, Rhode Island, New York City, and then back to Japan. It is now moving in to the fall season here in Japan, although it is still quite hot outside. I’ve been spending what little free time I have decorating and trying to move the apartment from Spring (when I left on my extended trip) into fall. I was away for about two months, and coming home from such a leave of absence is always strange–the trees were in full bloom and the height of summer’s heat was sweltering. I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures of autumn.

The dining room of our hotel in Korea

The Busan seaside.

Inside the largest department store in the world.

And then traveling across the world to Rhode Island:

And of course, a pit stop in my favorite city in the world:

And that’s all for the moment, more to come 🙂