On the Importance of Being Brow-nest

So last year one of the later New Year’s resolutions I made was to stop plucking/waxing my eyebrows. I’ve been a long-time sufferer of broworexia, not to mention my trichtillomania-esque tendencies during times of stress (okay, so not actually pulling out my hair with my own fingers or anything like that), and I wanted to finally put an end to it when I saw a picture of myself and I looked like an entirely different person! I looked so much older than I actually was–here is essentially what my brows looked like prior to when I stopped plucking:


My lovely friend S is there next to me, and although the above picture is NOT the one that finally pushed me over the brow-edge, it is clear that S looks much better with fuller brows than I do with the thin, shapeless lines above my eyes.

So I started looking online for brow advice, and I saw this picture of Adele from the 2012 Grammy Awards and absolutely fell in love with how fuller brows looked:


Lauren Conrad has a really good post on her blog: Beauty 101. Click the picture below to go to Lauren’s post:


To get fuller brows, you MUST resist the urge to over-pluck! This is hard in the first few months of eyebrows growing in because they tend to look awkward, but there are ways to disguise this with eyebrow pencils/eyeshadow/etc. I wanted SO, SO BADLY to pluck mine but I resisted and although it took about 5-6 months for the brows to really come in fuller, it was worth it. Currently I’m fairly sure I’m at full brow capacity; they’re still thin compared to some people’s, but like everything else, genetics DOES factor into brow shape/size:



So much better! Ladies don’t be afraid of the full brow–it is definitely a youth-enhancer! If you find you are having a hard time growing in your brows you can use some hair growth enhancement aids for thinning hair and just massage them into your brows. I did this almost every night for a few months and it definitely helped me grow in mine.

Happy brow-ing!